Saturday, November 6, 2010

Getting ‘unstuck’

When life gives you two weeks out of 4 to function with it can be really frustrating. Same goes for being stuck in a difficult financial situation. Sometimes we just feel stuck and finding the adhesive remover is usually easier said than done. I count myself lucky to have a strong line of communication with my spouse but when my sounding board is feeling stuck things can get tricky.

Finding out what grinds your nerves and then coming up with long or short term solutions to fix the problem can help alleviate some of the stress associated with feeling stuck in a given situation. What are the triggers that find a way of wreaking your day? Are any of the triggers things that can be easily fixed or avoided?

Like I mentioned in the intro paragraph, just because you can find a solution doesn’t mean it will be easy. When stuff like this arises I usually go into duct tape mode. “So I can’t change this, what can I change” then find a way to do it as quickly/cheaply/easily as possible.

But if you’re still not finding your groove out of stuckville maybe it’s time to bring in the Calvary? Sometimes reaching out to a professional (family therapist, professional organizer, life coach or business guru etc...) or to people who are in similar situation can be valuable, if for nothing else you will learn that you’re not alone and that this to shall pass.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Life at half speed.

In my normal mind things should move perfectly from one idea to the next but my mind doesn’t behave like a normal mind should. My life is lived in starts and stops and restarts agains. It lacks a certain continuity which I still morn on the very bad days and marvel at on the very good days.

Names, words, meanings, abilities fade in and out on a regular schedule but nothing (so far) has been found, physically or mentally, to explain why I tick-tock the way I tick-tock. It’s weird and intriguing, unbearably frustrating at times and unnoticeable at others. So I sit, stand, clunk about, modify my life to work around the crazy haze that takes over my brain every few weeks. Things are in a perpetual state of disarray. Solutions are still foggy, but progress is being made.

A year of simplify, has actually turned into two.

One solution that has slowly been implementing over the last few years is a concerted effort to simplify my life. Most of simplification has stemmed from a hard, drawn out adjustment in accepting the dysfunctional me as being non-fixable. Instead of continuing the years of self blaming, suck it up buttercup type pep talks, I’ve decided to just role with my wacky ol’ self.

Don’t get me wrong I still complain and cruse the whack-a-mole nervous system I possess but it is what it is and that’s not going to change any time soon. There is humor in the situation and the ‘simplify to function’ has brought my good days into more productive focus. So I’m here. I’m okay, even when I not, and that’s okay too.

I think this is the most I’s I’ve ever used in a blog post, so apologies for that. I keep thinking if I can just self analyze my natural rhythms a little more an answer will become clear. So I guess the intent of this blog is just to share a glimpse inside my head. Though I won’t guarantee any regularity because of the reasons stated above.

Until we meet again.